Myths and truths of alcoholic beverages – At Vega Scorza we seek to break with everything that is not finally organic matter in our products.

An example of this is that we offer organic liqueurs because we are interested in the well-being of all! And today we have decided to talk about some lies about alcoholic beverages. The fact that we offer a rich limoncello does not mean that we are going to lie so that you buy our product every day. Your well-being comes first!

Myths and truths of alcoholic beverages

Many things are said about alcoholic beverages, even many brands lie to increase their sales. And although if we recommend Vega scorza liqueurs because they are very beneficial, we also do not encourage addiction.

1.      Alcohol and health

Although it is true that alcohol offers some benefits to the body, even more, if it has lemon as our product, it is not that it is a great source of energy as many sell it. Even if you take it excessively it can cause the opposite effect to that desired. So like everything, you have to regulate your intake.

However, we must not go to the extreme of saying that alcohol has no benefits, with our Vega scorza products it has become clear that they do have benefits. The secret is balance and the type of alcohol you consume! We recommend ours that does have advantages!

2.      Eliminate alcohol

Drinking any type of alcohol without care is not recommended. There are those who assure that they can drink what they want and then eliminate it through sweat by exercising. However, there are studies that have shown that only 10% of alcohol can be eliminated in this way.

So do not drink any alcoholic drink, and regardless of what you drink try to do it without excess. Also, unlike Vega scorza, not all liquors are careful when preparing the drink, and adding one or another compound worsens the effect..

3.      Drinking a lot of alcohol shows your strength

There are those who assure that the more you support the alcohol, the stronger and more resistant you are. For this reason, many consume extremely high graduations or drink uncontrollably. The truth is that there is no relationship between a person’s strength and alcohol consumption. You only show that your body is used to it, however, the effects are the same.

That is why from Vega scorza we invite you to see in the liquor something more than an addiction or a drink to forget the problems. Our proposal beyond that invites you to enjoy the good side of alcohol, controlled consumption, and, of course, more than an alcoholic drink, a gastronomic drink that your palate will fall in love with!

Dare to try our lemon liquor and break with all myth: have health with a balanced consumption, do not drink any drink and look for another way to demonstrate your strength. Are we waiting for you with open arms?

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