While it is true that alcohol can have a negative effect on the human body, we cannot deny the benefits of alcoholic beverages. In this opportunity we share some of those benefits, because our appetizer contains a certain degree of alcohol that brings certain benefits to your body.

We have already talked about the benefits of lemon drinks, of organic drinks. Both characteristics are found in Vega Scorza products! But there is one more, and it is the alcohol of which you must also know the reason why it exists in our product..

What are the benefits of alcoholic beverages?

There are studies that establish that alcoholic beverages allowed diminishing the existence of cavities in your teeth, ensuring that your teeth are healthy and clean. So it can also relieve sore throats.

All this in a general sense By containing our alcohol drinks you can enjoy some of these benefits in a way! if we talk about the throat much more, because remember that it also contains lemon.

Now, I am not saying that if you have cavities you buy Vega Scorza products, or if you have a sore throat you will buy it. It is simply an extra benefit that they have for being made of alcohol and lemon. But it’s not all. Let’s see more!

1.      The aging

Alcoholic beverages have the benefit of preventing premature aging of your body, which keeps your skin in a healthy, smooth and shiny state. Like all benefits, it’s not a reason to take it every day, as the effects can be very damaging. Check out our article on myths about alcohol!

2.      Improves the brain

It contains antioxidants so it will help the brain to perform better in your day to day, avoiding memory loss or brain exhaustion that we normally feel from the activities that are carried out. It is important to note that this drink prevents spills or dementia in your brain, thanks to the ellagic acid it contains.

3.      Circulatory system

If you suffer from high cholesterol, alcoholic beverages will work for you, since it improves the circulatory system, eliminating all fat retained in your veins due to meals with excess calories. I go back and repeat Beware of uncontrolled alcohol intake!

4.      Relax your body

If you have a difficult day, full of stress and tiredness, these types of drinks can help you reduce the level of stress accumulated in your body, ensuring that you can rest and have a restful sleep avoiding many diseases. Beware of dependency! It is good not to get drunk and have alternative relaxation activities. Particularly our product, in addition to alcohol, helps you relax due to its good taste.

5.      What about diabetes?

It helps you prevent diabetes, since its components serve to reduce the sugar that can accumulate in your blood due to excessive consumption of sweets.

6.     The digestive system

By taking a drink of this you can speed up your digestive system, since the process of dissolving fats makes it much faster and more effective, ensuring that your body is healthy. In particular, Vega Scorza drinks work as a digestive liquor, since it also has lemon that also helps digestion.

7.      Strong bones

Avoid the loss of calcium in your bones keeping your bones strong and healthy, ensuring a life without annoying pain. And your kidneys take care of suffering over time from calculations that impair their functionality. Try drinking alcoholic drinks moderately, you will see how many things improve in your body. Start with Vega Scorza liqueurs!

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