When asked how to improve digestion, I can’t stop recommending digestive liquors. It is undoubtedly proven to be one of the best drinks in this regard. But what are digestive liquors?

They are liqueurs, obviously, but they have properties that facilitate or accelerate the digestion process. So it is recommended that they be served and eaten after eating. Their work begins when they erase the taste of food from the mouth, continuing with the preparation of the stomach for greater absorption..

It is not recommended to abuse this type of drink since if you want to improve digestion, a small glass will suffice, even more, if it is very concentrated. If you want to make liquor a less strong drink, you can add some ice cubes so that the water makes it easier to drink.

  • To reflect: liquor is seen by many as something negative, however as the saying goes “It is not the arrow it is the Indian”. That is, it is not alcohol, it is who takes it, because as you can imagine this time it is the center of a very convenient topic for our health. For some alcohol is an addiction, but for others, it can be a medicine.

What digestive liquors do you recommend?

There are many digestive liquors that I could advise you, however, I am going to limit myself and I will only talk about 2 that for me are the best. Not just as an answer to how to improve digestion, but as liquor in every sense of the word.

Watch out! It is not the only solution to digestive problems, but it is part of the best means to improve this condition. So do not doubt each thing that we will say next, although you can check it if you go deeper into the investigation. Without further ado let’s get started!

1.      Vega Scorza 870 Único

What I like most about this liquor is that it is made by hand. So you can consider it as a natural product that will go down well with your stomach. It is made from lemon peel, but not just any lemon, but a well-grown one without harming the environment! It is what many call organic lemon.

If we talk about the lemon leaf it is at seven percent, I feel the amount necessary to provide a good flavor and excellent digestion. Continuing with the percentage, 40% have their alcohol graduation, much higher than our second candidate.

There is no doubt that lemon is a key part of this digestive liquor because if you did not know it, lemon acid is very good when it comes to breaking down food. In case you didn’t know, gastric juices are naturally responsible for breaking down food in our digestive system. It makes perfect sense! Or not?

Unfortunately, like everything in our body, these juices are losing quality in their operation, that’s why lemon is so good for us, because it helps them fulfill their function. On the other hand, alcohol serves as a stimulant for the secretion of these juices.

In conclusion, alcohol and lemon are the perfect combinations to improve digestion once we have eaten.

The Vega Scorza 870 único It is recommended to have as an aperitif after eating marine species, such as fish and shellfish. This does not mean that it cannot be consumed with other types of food, especially if we are talking about using it as a digestive liquor. It is just a recommendation!

For lovers of descriptions, in addition to what has already been mentioned, we are talking about a liquor from 2017 with a volume of 70 cl. You can buy it in a presentation of 1 bottle or 6 bottles.

2.      Vega Scorza digestive liquors

Logically it is composed of alcohol and lemon, which is why we have given it a priority in this article. And although we could say that it is the same as the previous one, it is not. It differs especially in the amount of alcohol and lemon it has.

The previous one had 40% in this sense, however the present one only has an alcohol content of 20%, that is to say half of the previous one. On the contrary, if we talk about lemon extract, this time it increases to 10%, being the previous one of 7%.

Of the rest we can say that it is the same, being the difference that here the protagonist is the lemon if we compare it with the previous one. So if you are not drinking alcohol, this version can be more pleasant for you.

Regarding its function is the same, lemon works as if it were gastric juice, while alcohol helps to stimulate natural gastric juices. Without a doubt the perfect combination to take after a good lunch or dinner.

If you like, you can purchase both versions and see which one suits you best, you may discover a new taste.

Are they the only digestive liquors?

No, however when combining lemon with the properties of alcohol you do not need another one, these two being the ideal for you. You must take into account if you really want if you want these digestive liqueurs to process food faster or just treat yourself.

Since if you want to enjoy beyond health, we recommend that you learn how to get the most out of these digestive liqueurs as an aperitif. However, for now, we are content to show its digestive properties which is what you have been looking for.

Ingesting this type of drink does not mean that you do not have to go to the doctor if you have strange symptoms of digestion since it is only an alternative to improve digestion, not the cure of a disease you may have. So it is better to be safe than sorry, buy your digestive liquors, but also visit the doctor It is something you should always do!

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